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6-Month Personal Coaching - Your Low Carb Life

Includes 12 x 45 minute sessions

6 monthly payments of $290.00
- OR - Single payment of $1665.00 (save $75.00)


This 6-month-long coaching package is the timeframe needed to see the most change in your overall A1c level AND ensure that you are empowered and feeling better than you ever have before. This encompasses both diabetes management, low carb eating AND necessary shifts in the rest of your life. We'll dig deep into your current beliefs and habits, focus on your long and short-term goals, and then dive in together to help you achieve them. By the end of our 6 months together, you'll have not only a sustainable long-term lifestyle change, but also the A1c improvement to keep you going, and a mindset shift towards abundance, achievement, and empowerment that will help to improve numerous aspects of your life. *

This 6-Month Coaching Package Includes:

1.) Two 45-minute coaching sessions per month where we discuss your experiences, goals, and practical tips to answer your questions and concerns, answer additional questions and provide support. These sessions are scheduled every 2 weeks or as the calendar allows.

  1. ) Personalized follow-up PDF via email after each coaching call: This is a 2-4 page document of supporting information and reminders about what we discussed, including but not limited to: additional links, recipes, food plans, goal setting resources, and/or whatever will help you most based on our coaching conversations

3.) Low carb recipe ebook & food resources to fit your needs

4.) Full access to our "Real Life Low Carb" online course by diaVerge & private Facebook community

5.) Full access to our newest programs, "Protein Basics" and "Plan Your Plate" low carb meal planning (released fall 2018)

6.) Additional customized resources including but not limited to: excerpts from Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution book, links to supporting videos, worksheets & websites if needed

7.) Unlimited email support for the duration of the coaching package (Messenger and/or Whatsapp also available for an additional fee)

8.) Weekly goal-setting & check-ins to keep you accountable to your goals

9.) Review of food logs/blood sugar log/CGM data throughout for continuous problem-solving

10.) Advanced studies in mindset and goal-setting, and planning your ideal future

The HOW:

Our personalized Diabetes Coaching packages are designed as a kick-start to help you problem-solve, work through old, limiting habits, and create a simple, actionable plan for long-term success.

These coaching sessions are full of practical knowledge about the low carb way of diabetes management AND support to help you through the emotional challenges of diabetes and the low carb lifestyle.

We'll discuss how you're feeling about diabetes, your struggles, where you might be stuck and how you want to feel in the future. I'll help you set goals and guide you to achieve your goals.

Each online coaching session uses methods based on Dr. Richard K. Bernstein's plan for diabetes management and the American Association of Diabetes Educators "Diabetes Self Management & Support" guidelines. I am not a medical doctor, but I will share my knowledge, education, research and experiences living with type 1 diabetes for the past 16 years. I'm an AADE Diabetes Paraprofessional Level 2, which is the highest diabetes education certificate available to non-medical professionals in the USA.


*These dramatic results depend on your personal commitment to change and your hard work throughout the six-month coaching time.

For approximately $9.50/day, you have me at your beckon call as your personal coach, instructor, guide, and support while creating your huge lifestyle shift!

*20% of the sale price of all diaVerge products is donated to 2 diabetes charities. T1 International supports diabetics worldwide to provide insulin and education. Faustman Lab at U Mass in the United States is searching for a cure for type 1 diabetes and is currently in Phase II Human trials.

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